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Condominium services - Siena and province

Geko Real Estate is a reliable partner in condominium services. We operate in Siena and its province, in particular in Valdelsa, San Gimignano and neighboring towns.

We are well aware of condominium issues and can manage them thanks to a condominium consultation that has been refined in years of experience. We know that every condomino has its own ideas and objectives, so our mission is to reconcile points of view and find the most suitable solution, without ever neglecting accounts and condominium expenses.

Our condominium consulting covers every aspect: from the condominium administrator to the administrative technical advice, we can provide the right support, always in full compliance with regulations and tax obligations.

Here, in detail, our services:

  • Administration and regulation of common property
  • Joint administrative technical consultancy
  • Audit of previous financial statements
  • Drafting of condominium regulations
  • Assistance for tax deductions on building renovations    
  • Supplier relations and public administration    
  • Financial management

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Clear condominium rules can prevent many condominium issues and encourage peaceful coexistence.

That is why we take particular care in the drafting of the regulation of condominium and in its timely dissemination among all condominiums.

Expenses condominiums: easy accounting thanks to our management condominium
How to keep an eye on condo fees and condo payments? Thanks to our management software and accounting procedures we are able to produce a periodic audit report on request, as well as submit the annual report within 30 days of the end of the year.

Zero surprises: thanks to an up-to-date accounting system, it is possible to have the pulse of the economic health of the building and to evaluate the use of resources in maintenance and/or embellishment works.

Finally, we provide assistance for filing applications for tax deduction in case of building renovation.

Geko Real Estate: the condominium advice based on experience
Our company has many years of experience in various areas of condominium and real estate management, from residential to commercial and administrative management.

In addition, Geko Immobiliare is registered with the association ANACI at nr. 15681. It is the largest association at the national level that brings together 8,000 condominium administrators and professional administrators. All activities are carried out in accordance with the provisions of Law 4 of 14.01.2013 G.U. 26/02/2013.

If you are looking for a transparent, accurate and practical condominium administration, contact us!


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